The YAWL Group provides consultancy and training services to companies that wish to leverage the power of Business Process Management, particularly through the use of the YAWL state-of-the-art workflow management system. This open source system is based on the well-known Workflow Patterns Initiative and on Petri nets, a well-established concurrency theory. YAWL’s foundations make it the most powerful business process modelling language in existence. Its formal definition has made it possible to provide sophisticated design time analysis support, rare among existing BPM solutions, and through the use of concepts and principles from the field of Artificial Intelligence (Ripple Down Rules), Activity Theory, and Exception Handling Patterns, the YAWL system provides unique support for dynamic workflow, where workflows can change after deployment due to e.g. changes in policy or the business environment, and exception handling, where unexpected events need to be handled gracefully.

Among the design principles of the YAWL system are that it should be easy to install and easy to use. We believe that it should not be necessary for workflow analysts to have to resort to the scripting or coding level in order to be able to deploy a business process. In addition, the YAWL system being open source means that it enjoys the typical benefits of open source software. Specifically, the Open Source Initiative addresses open source benefits for business and wikipedia also discusses the case of open source versus closed source software. The YAWL system is used in production and has been jointly developed in collaboration with industry.

The YAWL Group consists of recognised experts in the field of Business Process Management. Many of its consultants have published in foremost journals and/or conferences in this field and they typically have closely collaborated with industry partners supporting the further development of the system. Clients of the YAWL Group can count on a high degree of expertise, commitment and professionalism.

The YAWL Group collaborates with Acclario BPM which provides YAWL-related services in Scandinavia.

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